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    Many parents benefit from the assistance of a nanny. When people who are living abroad return to or visit the United States, they may want their nanny to join them. Nannies become part of the family, and finding a new or temporary nanny in the United States can be difficult and disruptive.


    Other parents live in the United States but find it difficult to locate a reliable nanny who is willing to accept long-term employment. Those parents might look to nations that have a history of training caregivers to work abroad.


    Unfortunately, some parents bring a nanny to the United States on a tourist visa that does not allow the nanny to work. They may encourage the nanny to work illegally and to overstay a visa. That can create legal problems both for the parents and for the nanny.


    Bringing a nanny to the United States to work legally is possible, but it often requires careful planning. Getting advice from an immigration attorney is the best starting point.


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